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Updated: Feb. 11, 2001


Animation--Images fading from Earth, Satellite, Shuttle, International Space Station, John Glenn and to planets



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The International Space Station is designed to support a crew of up to seven and includes five complete pressurized laboratories and attached external sites for research.

The Station will provide a focal point for space operations among the partners well into the 21st century, and will serve as a stepping-stone for human exploration of the solar system. On the football field-sized station, permanent crews will perform long-duration research in a variety of scientific disciplines advancing the world’s understanding of life sciences, earth sciences and materials processing, while fostering commercial research activities in space.

iss_106 b.jpg (33747 bytes)
This is how the Space Station looked to the crew of Space Shuttle Atlantis in September, 2000.

While in orbit, the STS-106 crew successfully prepared the International Space Station for the arrival of its first permanent crew. The five astronauts and two cosmonauts performed a space walk to connect power, data and communications cables to the newly arrived Zvezda Service Module and the station. The crew also delivered more than 2,993 kilograms (6,600 pounds) of supplies and installed batteries, power converters, a toilet and a treadmill on the station.

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