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Updated: Feb. 11, 2001


Animation--Images fading from Earth, Satellite, Shuttle, International Space Station, John Glenn and to planets



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Welcome to my Homepage!

My name is Robin Ann Travis. I am also a Federal Licensed Amateur Radio Operator in which Amateur Radio Service assists also in times of natural disasters and even just bad weather. My Callsign use to be KE4FFP and my new callsign is: W4TUX now. My husband "Boyd" his call is: N4TUX.

Amateur Radio Service & NASA 

More details below.....

Main Purpose of this Homepage:
The ideas, theme, and main purpose of this Homepage  is to express my interests of: Space, Planets, Space Shuttle, NASA, Space Station and the stars. Also you will find some great information as well as links and I hope to add and update this site often. Please add this Homepage to your favorites and check back often?

Live NASA broadcasting !


Live NASA TV video !

Space station audio in Real Media. 

Download the free Real Player here.

Live NASA TV also on

More Audio/Video

Shuttle Audio Frequencies


The Space Amateur Radio Experiment (SAREX) is a long-running program to use amateur radio equipment on board NASA's Space Shuttle, the Russian MIR space station, and the International Space Station to involve students in exchanging questions and answers with astronauts on orbit. More than 200 schools have participated to date. It is also used to conduct communications experiments with amateur radio operators on the ground.

What is Amateur Radio ?

Amateur Radio Service

Known also as "Ham Radio"

"Not CB though, you have to pass EXAMS"

Exams ?  [ NEW EXAMS STUFF ]


Emergency, & World Communications

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